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Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Congress, Global Ties Alabama is seeing an increasing number of international visitors, all emerging leaders in their countries, coming to Alabama. Join Global Ties Alabama, a group of globally minded individuals who are making an impact and exploring the world, meeting international leaders and emerging leaders from diverse fields, networking and participating in intercultural exchanges, solidifying professional relations across any cultural divide, and promoting Alabama and our assets as a center of culture and commerce. We can work together to create a more peaceful and prosperous local and global community!

GTA Volunteers: In order to adequately host our visitors, we need assistance in greeting the visitors as they arrive, hosting them at dinners, accompanying the visitors to meetings, sharing our expertise with the visitors, taking the visitors shopping, providing local tours, and assisting in the office.

GTA Members: GTA enjoys a broad, diverse membership composed of people from around the world and from our beloved home state. We gather for enriching conversations and events that enlighten and entertain. Let us introduce you to our supporters who enable us to bring the world to your doorstep. Whether virtual or in-person, our events showcase culture, art, and issues of interest to our members.

From meeting with the top experts in their fields to relaxing in your own home with visitors from around the world, you will enjoy a lively, fun, and intellectually stimulating experience. If you think you might have a little time to assist us, kindly fill out the form below. Thank You!