The partnership between GTA and the Academy for Science and Foreign Language Learning (ASFL), a Huntsville city public magnet school, helps foster awareness of global culture and increase tolerance of diversity of various cultures among elementary schoolchildren through developing connections between ASFL classrooms, teachers, and students with their counterparts around the globe. Using the web site ePals as a conduit to the global learning community, schoolchildren discover the global community as they interact with children in other lands.

In this initiative, GTA has worked with the ASFL administration, staff, and teachers to connect ASFL classrooms with classrooms around the globe that speak the foreign languages being studied at the Academy, including Russian, French, German, and Spanish. One imaginative Huntsville teacher has even used his students’ art work to share global perspectives on visual arts in the classroom, building global cultural awareness through a blend of art and technology. More than 50 students have developed pen-pal relationships with students in these foreign classrooms to share their experiences while practicing and developing their language skills.

GTA staff initiated, planned, and implemented the project, providing assistance to ASFL with this new activity. GTA is proud of the many accomplishments of the students, teachers, and administration at Huntsville’s Academy for Science and Foreign Language Learning in developing the global leaders of the future.